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Does the perfect digital camera exist?

Digital Hardware March 22, 2012 Articles, Discussion No Comments

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Every year new and exciting digital cameras, be they DSLRs or mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, are released. Inevitably, not all photographers are happy with the products; citing all manner of reasons, from auto-focus reliability to insufficient auto-bracketing or lack of clean HDMI output. The list goes on.

Are photographers really expecting the perfect digital camera to be released? Or is that a false hope perhaps? After all, once you find the perfect camera what incentive would you have to upgrade to newer products?

Or are have photographers become spoilt by all the various features we see being implemented each year and naturally photographers expect one camera to have all of those high-end features in one body?

We’ll be looking at this with a full article soon, but in the meantime, take a minute and add your thoughts…

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